Press Release: Recognizable Social Media QR-codes

AMSTERDAM 15th of June, 2011

A new and free online service enables Social Media users to generate styled QR-codes linking to profiles or media items. The popular black-and-white QR barcodes are given a new dimension by the inclusion of visual Social Media elements, such as the well-known white Facebook 'f' against the blue background. QR-codes now become easily recognizable for human eyes. Yet, they remain compatible with common QR-code scanner smartphone apps. The service is available online at and enables people to "link QR to" many popular Social Media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and even Facebook's "Like" button.

Just like regular QR-codes, the generated Social Media QR-codes have a wide ranges of uses. For instance, they can be used on people's business cards, documents, office windows and magazines. Therefore provides free automated creation of QR-code images in various sizes. For those who require extra high-resolution images, downloads are available at a small fee. The creator of the service, a Dutch company called ClickSmash, hopes their service will contribute to the improvement of links from "real world" objects to the online world.

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